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B+E Trailer Training

Are You Legal to Tow? 

Training Courses 

We offer a 2 day training course Traing the first day with your test the following morning. which includes use of a vehicle, trailer and all facilities here at Stirling Trailer Centre. Our experienced Driver Trainer will take you through all nesessarty steps from 'Show me Tell me' to mock test runs and the all-important reversing manoeuvre exercise to get you through your test.

Price on Application.       

We also offer Beginner / Refresher training  for people wanting that bit extra or also if you already are legal to tow but just not confident.

This would start from a 4 hour or half day course.

Price on Application

Young Farmer members do recieve a discounted rate so please have your membership number at hand when enquiring. 

Do you require a B+E licence?

If you passed your test after the 1st of January 1997 you must pass a practical category B+E test to tow a trailer which exceeds 750kg where your combined vehicle/trailer/caravan/horsebox gross train weight is over 3500kgs.

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