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Ifor Williams - Horse Trailers

We have a variety of new Ifor Williams horse trailers in stock at all times, Colours and models change frequently, Call us to check what's currently available.

HBX Range

Introducing the beautifully engineered HBX range. A stunning design which delivers the highest levels of comfort and safety for your horse. Available in the familiar 403, 506 and 511 size format the design comes with a streamlined aluminium body and a host of intelligent new features. These include the ability to open the rear of the horsebox as both a ramp and a side-hinged door, and the option to open the front windows fully, or just a little. The sides, floor and ramps of the HBX range are manufactured entirely from aluminium planking. This lightweight structure provides clean modern lines, making the horsebox easy to tow without compromising on strength. The sides and ramps are all anodised to give a smooth and sophisticated finish which is easy to maintain.

The HBX range features all three familiar models the 403,506 and 511.


A Single Horsebox providing more stall width than the double horsebox models and offers enough headroom to take one horse up to 16.2hh. Being a narrower trailer the HB 403 is easier to tow and produces less wind resistance. The HB403 is ideal for transporting nervous horses that require a wider stall and may prefer to travel alone.

HB506, HB511

Both models are suitable for two horses. the HB506 can accommodate two horses up to 16.2hh, the HB511 is slightly longer, wider and will carry two 17.2hh horses. Both models have a large inspection window allowing more daylight into the trailer. Centre partitions and breast/breeching bars are fitted as standard. All trailers are fitted with a front offload ramp and a grooms door as standard. They come in a choice of 5 colours and all have colour co-ordinating rear top doors.

HB510XL and HB610

The HB510XL offers the flexibility of carrying two horses up to 17.2hh or up to 4 ponies. The HB510XL comes with a headroom of 2.3m and a locking groom's door as standard. With its 14' internal length the HB510XL offers either a range of telescopic partitions, suitable for ponies, or a single centre partition allowing 2 horses to face forward. The HB610 represents the largest trailer in the Ifor Williams range and can carry two large horses up to 17.2hh with room to spare or up to 5 ponies. The wide front unload ramp, which comes as standard makes this model unique 

There are also many other additional extras to consider from haynet rails, sliding windows, tack pack, full width breast/breach bars. More information on specifications can be found in the following documents

> Ifor Williams HBX Trailer Brochure (HBX403, HBX506, HBX511)

> Ifor Williams Horse Trailer Brochure (HB403, HB506 & HB511)

> Ifor Williams Large Horse Trailer Brochure (HB510XL &HB610)

Please download and feel free to ask for more details from our Sales Team.



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