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General Duty Trailers

Ifor Williams - General Duty Trailers

The Ifor Williams General Duty trailer is at home in almost any environment, with virtually any type of load, from building materials to expedition equipment.

These tough adaptable trailers are built around a welded steel, galvanised chassis with fixed front and side panels. The General Duty range is offered in three internal width options of 4', 5' and 5'9" (approx.) and four length options between 6' and 12' (approx.). 


Model Tyre Size Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width  
GD64 SA 165R13C  1400kgs  325kgs 1.89m 1.25m 2.95m 1.75m  
GD84 SA 165R13C 1400kgs 355kgs 2.50m 1.25m 3.60m 1.75m  
GD84 SA 175/75R16C  1500kgs 395kgs 2.50m 1.25m 3.60m 1.80m  
GD84 SA 6.50R16C 1500kgs 400kgs 2.50m 1.25 3.60m 1.80m  
GD84 165R13C 2700kgs 450kgs 2.55m 1.25m 4.00m 1.80m  
GD85 SA 165R13C 1400kgs 395kgs 2.50m 1.58m 4.00m 2.20m  
GD85 165R13C 2700kgs 485kgs 2.50m 1.58m 4.00m 2.20m  
GD105  165R13C 2700kgs 585kgs 3.11m 1.58m 4.55m 2.20m  
GD125 165R13C 2700kgs 585kgs 3.73m 1.58m 4.95m 2.20m  
GD106 165R13C 2700kgs 600kgs 3.11m 1.77m 4.55m 2.30m  
GD126 165R13C 2700kgs 625kgs 3.73m 1.77m 4.95m 2.30m  

Canopies are available for the GD84 and GD85 models. You can view or download the details here:

> Ifor Williams Canopies Brochure

The full specification is available to view or download here:

> Ifor Williams Commercial Brochure (pages 10-11)


General Duty


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