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Eventa Trailers

Ifor Williams - Eventa Trailers

The Eventa - your Ifor Williams Horsebox can now be a home from home for you as well as your horse. The Eventa range of horseboxes includes fitted living accommodation options.

The comfort and safety of your horse is paramount importance. The herringbone angle of the partitions and the new partition arms as well as optimum ventilation ensures your horse is travelling in a safe robust comfortable horsebox. The design of the trailer is based on tried and tested features of the horsebox range.

The living area in the Eventa range has been designed to offer the best possible levels of comfort and functionality with 3 levels of finish.

The Eventa comes in 2 sizes. The Eventa M is suitable for 2 horses up to 16.2hh and the Eventa L for 2 horses up to 17hh or 3 ponies/horses dependant on weight. The Eventa L also has a tri axle option.

Eventa M & L 

Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width  
Eventa M 195/60R12C 3500kg 1809kg 4.45m 2.1m 5.96m 2.33m  
Eventa L 195/60R12C 3500kg 1952kg 5.22m 2.21m 6.73m 2.33m  
Eventa L Tri-Axle 195/60R12C 3500kg 2055kg 5.22m 2.21m 6.73m 2.33m  

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 Eventa Meventa-small1.jpgeventa-small2.jpgEventa L 







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