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Ifor Williams - Beavertail Trailers

The Beavertail trailer is closely related to the flatbed range and with the addition of a sloping rear bed section, these trailers offer the flexibility of a low loading height to the rear of the trailer.

As with all the flatbed trailers, the beavertail range can be fitted with a winch option, allowing recovery and loading of broken down or unpowered vehicles. The maximum gross weight for the lighter LT models is 2000kg, whilst the heavier LM models offer the maximum gross weight of 3500kgs.

The beavertail range can be ordered with a full width rear ramp which is assisted with spring supported from rear corner posts. A gas strut assisted ramp is also available which has no corner posts making it particularly suitable for ground care applications and loading of wide mowers.


Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width Prices Start from...
LT146/B 145/70R13C 2000kg 685kg 4.24m/13'9" 1.90m/6'2" 5.60m 2.05m £2420+VAT
LM146/B 195/60R12C 3500kg 725kg 4.24m/13'9" 1.90m/6'2" 5.60m 2.05m £2700+VAT
LM147/B 195/60R12C 3500kg 780kg 4.24m/13'9" 2.16m/7'1" 5.60m 2.30m £2970+VAT
LM166/B 195/60R12C 3500kg 785kg 4.84m/15'8" 1.90m/6'2" 6.25m 2.05m £2880+VAT
LM167/B 195/60R12C 3500kg 875kg 4.84m/15'8" 2.16m/7'1" 6.25m 2.30m £3105+VAT

The full specification is available to view or download here:

> Ifor Williams Commercial Brochure (see page 8)


Beavertail Car Transporters - West Wood Ifor Williams Car Trailersbeavertail-small1.jpg  beavertail-small2.jpg

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