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Motolug TE Twin

Motolug TE Twin

Motolug TE (twin) Description.

Can be configured as a twin trailer to carry two bikes, or as a single trailer when you only need to tow one bike. As a twin trailer you have a carrying capacity of 560kg's and 350kg's when assembled as a single trailer an yet you still have the advantage of the trailer being easily collapsible for storage. With the trailer assembled and the hitch arrangement attached to your vehicle the entire trailer can be tilted towards the ground in order for you to load your bikes directly onto the trailer without the need for an additional ramp. The loading systems located at the front of the trailer beams are adjustable depending on the sixe of your tyres and will hold your bikes in place in order for you to strap the bikes down prior to travelling. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

£1305 Inc Vat

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