The Wessex ATV mounted SS Sprayer range are packed with user-friendly features and benefits, and comprises a heavy duty 55 litre rotomoulded tank and a choice of pump options to suit the width of boom required. All models come complete with 5m of hose and a hand lance for spot spraying.


The Wessex ATV Brine Sprayer is based on the popular SS618P sprayer, but has a special boom featuring 3 individual clusters of nozzles for varying applications.

The 55 litre tank will hold enough brine to cover 1250 square metres or 1.5 metre width over a 1 kilometre distance. Over this area, only a fraction of the amount of salt will be used in comparison to a conventional granular salt spreader. The Wessex brine sprayer comes complete with the 5m hose and hand lance, which is ideal for treating doorways, pathways, steps and other areas inaccessible to the ATV.




Approx full weight 57kg 60kg 60kg
Pump delivery (max ltr/min) 3.8 8 18
Max pressure 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar
Boom options 1.5m 1.5,2,3m 1.5,2,3.5m










  • Durable Rotomoulded Polyethylene Tank - For maximum strength
  • Inline Suction Filter - Avoids pump contamination (SS608P & SS618P only)
  • Easy Grip Lid - For ease of lifting
  • Option of 3 Pump Sizes - A machine for every application
  • Pressure Control Valve - Maximum versatility (WS608P & WS618P only)
  • Hand Lance - Ideal for spot spraying
  • SM Hose - Allows spot spraying up to 5m away from the tank
  • Moulded Strap Guides - Ensures securing strap stays in position
  • Option of 5 Boom Sizes - A machine for every application
  • Height Adjustable Booms
  • Nozzle Taps - Turn off a nozzle to limit spray width
  • Anti Drip Valves - Avoid Chemical leakage
  • Moulded Hose Wrap - Keeps hose securely coiled
  • Lance Clips - Holds hand lance securely when not in use
  • Brass Quick Release Fittings - Easy change from boom to hand lance
  • Drain Plug at Lowest Point - Ease of emptying
  • Suction Hose Draws Fluid from the Lowest Point - Complete emptying
  • NS Basket Filter Strains Liquid as Tank is Filled - Clean water only enters the tank (SS608P & SS618P only. SS604 ha a gauze filter on the end of the suction hose)
  • No More Broken Sprayer Booms - All booms are kept within the width of the bike to avoid damage, and a combination of standard and off set nozzles with anti drip valves ensures an even spray of chemical up to 5m width.



SS Sprayers

1.5m       2m          3m                5m

ATV SS Spray Graphics 2014 STC CROP.jpg

1.5m - 2 standard nozzles each with .75m coverage

2.0m - 2 standard nozzles each with 1m coverage

3.0m - 1 standard and 2 offset nozzles each with 1m coverage

5.0m - 2 offset nozzles each with 2.5m coverage


BS Sprayer


PENCIL JET NOZZLE - for use on compacted snow and iceBrine ATV Pencil Nozzle Winter STC CROP.jpg




 FAN NOZZLE - for use on frost and fresh snowBrine ATV Fan Nozzle Winter STC CROP 100x100..jpg




 FIVE JET NOZZLE - for pre treatmentBrine ATV Nozzle Close UP STC CROP.jpg