For Weed control in environmentally sensitive areas, the Wessex Rotowiper comes into its's own.

Instead of applying the chemical to the top of the leaf as with a conventional sprayer, this cleverly designed weed wiper features a contra-rotating roller covered with a chemical-soaked carpet. This applies the chemical to the underside of the leaf which is the most sensitive part of the plant, thus it takes effect quicker. The Wessex Rotowiper eliminates the risk of chemical overspray damaging nearby vegetation and polluting watercourses etc making it a very popular method of weed control with environmentalists.

Working width 2.4m
Overall Width 2.5m
Capacity 55 litres
Weight 109kg






  • No Overspray- environmentally friendly
  • Can Be Used on a Windy Day - Time saving
  • Uses Less Chemical - Economical to use
  • Use a Non-selective Herbicide - Save money by using a cheap chemical whilst avoiding damage to grass and clover
  • Unique, Specially Designed Carpet with UV Protected, Interwoven Loops to Hold Moisture Drops - Minimises chemical dripping
  • Rotor is Spiral-Welded - Maximum strength
  • Two Check-Valves in Centre of Roller - Keep roller evenly coated with chemical
  • Hand-Held Controller - Control spray from the bike seat

 The cost-effective way to wipe out weeds!